Kids Bedroom

With a little thought and a lot of creativity, you can transform your child’s room into something magical. Try these affordable kids’ room decorating ideas.

A kid’s room should always be bright and radiant. It should appear colourful and joyful as well. Children tend to spend a lot of time in their room and a well coloured room will help them develop their minds and keep them afresh all the time. Bright colours are preferable such as Red, pink, blue, violet etc.

Rather than just painting your walls you can add creativity and create designs over your walls as well. Children grow quickly, and decals and wallpaper borders of trains and soccer balls can soon seem dated. You can weave your kid’s interests into the decor in ways that are more creative and easily changed, such as bedside lamps, wall hangings or models set on shelves or hung from the ceiling. Or paint a stripe pattern horizontally about three-quarters of the way up the wall, hitting just over where a headboard would rest. Murals are also popular, but make sure the design won’t be something he’ll outgrow too quickly.

Colour has the ability to inspire, excite, soothe, heal and even agitate. This is particularly true for children, who can be extra sensitive to colour’s impact. So the importance of picking out just the right colour for a young child’s room shouldn’t be underestimated. Scientists have learned a lot about the way colour influences our minds and bodies.

Kid's Bedroom

BLUE is an excellent choice for your kid’s room. The typical bedroom colour may be blue, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. Neutral colours such as beige and grey—or even bright shades of red and orange—can be used to create a space your young kids will love, and one they can grow into for years to come. It can work well with colours like red, white or even dark colours if you have no objection towards them. If blue is your child’s favourite colour, you can choose from a wide variety of shades. Sky blue on the walls layered with bed linens, curtains and other accessories in a darker shade of blue will create a strong look he will like. You can add pop of colour with pillows in bright green or orange.

RED is an extremely strong colour and can be used in all shades to bring life to the room. It has the ability to energise the body and excite the mind, increasing heart and breathing rates. A child’s exposure to red will keep his mind afresh. If your child has a creative approach to life, go for darker shades of red to keep him full of enthusiasm all the time. Make sure you pick up the right shade of red in order to contrast with rest of the walls. Our team is here to help you on every possible step.

ORANGE represents optimism and promotes positive vibes in the room. This warm, friendly and youthful colour is actually great for children since it’s said to encourage confidence, extroversion and independence. The social nature of this colour also puts children and their friends at ease, inspiring communication and cooperation. If your child suffers from confidence issues this colour will help him gain more of confidence and have a positive approach towards life. It is a welcoming colour and promotes interpersonal conversation.

YELLOW is the colour of serenity and peace. It lessens violence and negativity from your child’s mind. Most of us associate yellow with feelings of happiness and cheerfulness. Studies also pair this bright and cheery colour with motivation; softer yellows can aid concentration, while brighter ones can increase memory. It is one of the best colours for your child’s room. Yellow is such a colour which can be contrasted with both dark and bright colours on the adjacent and opposite walls. It is sunny and bright, keeping your kid’s mind aloof from darkness.

GREEN is a calming, natural colour has a soothing impact on a child. Scientists have also found that green may improve a child’s reading speed and comprehension. There’s no need to keep this anxiety-reducing colour to a minimum. It helps your child to become calmer and makes his mind pious. Green has said to be proven excellent results when combined with light colours. It is the colour which looks best when used in dark shades.

PURPLE or VIOLET is often associated with royalty, purple is ambitious and self-assured. It’s also the colour of passion, creativity, wisdom and spirituality. This deep and emotive colour is great for inspiring sensitivity and compassion in children. This colour has an added advantage that it lets your child have a peaceful sleep. If your child complains about not getting enough sleep, then this is the perfect colour for your kid’s room.

Kid's Bedroom

Combinations of strong and bright colours work well together in a boy’s bedroom, as do bright or muted shades of beige and brown. Try Kelly green with yellow accents for a sunny look. A warm latte shade painted on the walls gets a real pop from red furniture and framed artwork. For an older boy, grey walls look great with black furnishings and accents—and consider adding a couple of touches of red or bright blue to catch the eye. An energetic boy might like a combination of red and orange, anchored by strong unpainted wood furniture.

If blue is your child’s favourite colour, you can choose from a wide variety of shades. Sky blue on the walls layered with bed linens, curtains and other accessories in a darker shade of blue will create a strong look he will like. You can add pop of colour with pillows in bright green or orange.

Keep in mind the size of the room and the amount of natural light. If he’ll be studying or putting together models in his bedroom, you’ll want to make sure the room isn’t too dark.

Apart from all this you can add more creativity and colour your kids room in designs ad use texture effects. We have a whole range of designs that you can paint on your kid’s wall. You can adopt designs like rainbow, multicolour patterns or even draw a cartoon figure. Just feel free to tell us about your requirement and the rest is our work to bring your vision to life.


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