5 Great Ideas for a Beautiful Roof-Garden

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5 Great Ideas for a Beautiful Roof-Garden

A roof is the only open space that is allotted to your house and a rooftop garden simply makes your house look a thousand times better. Well, since there are many ideas of how you could decorate your rooftop garden. Here we present the best five ideas for customizing your rooftop. Since it’s your house we leave it completely to your freedom about how you want to decorate your rooftop. A roof garden is a garden on the roof of a building. Besides the decorative benefit, roof plantings may provide food, temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement, habitats or corridors for wildlife, recreational opportunities, and in large scale it may even have ecological benefits. Let us know about your requirements and we will present your visual right in front your eyes. Having a beautiful garden on your rooftop is surely magnetically attractive.

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Check these beautiful rooftop garden ideas we present to you.

  1. Edible Roof Garden

We often chalk out a kitchen garden in our backyard or plant small edible plants in our balcony, but just imagine how a fully fledged edible roof garden will look. You’ll be giving a whole new outlook to your roof.

It is a magnificent idea to develop edible seasonal plants on the rooftop for daily consumption. If you want it can also be used for generating small and profitable family business. An edible garden adds a greenery advantage to your house and the roof doesn’t appear mundane like it was before. We will help you at every step with the selection of plants you want to grow and the  whole appearance of the roof garden as well.

  1. Cooking enabled roof garden

If you can plant on your roof then you can cook there as well. We will not sideline the installation the plants and greenery but add a few more features to it. A small cooking area can be made and along with that a place to rest and relax. In this manner your roof will be serving both the purposes of planting and freetime cooking.

  1. Pool on the roof garden

It’s summer time and you want surely want to take a dip in the pool. Why not build a pool of your own on your roof garden. It’ll be an excellent idea, anytime you want to take a dip in pool, dive or swim; all you have to do is go to your rooftop and relax over there. What can be more relaxing and soothing than enjoying a roof garden pool’s pleasure on a hot summer afternoon. With specific pool requirements and required roof’s stability, firmness and provision of drainage system, a roof garden having a cool pool can be craft-fully structured.

  1. Add furnitures

There’s no limit to your creativity and no restrictions to what you can do to your rooftop. You can place furniture according to your personnel requirements. We will help you set up chairs, tables according to your preferences. If you  like to lounge on the roof terrace or want to have a dinner there, everything is possible with us. You can add a resting place amidst your beautiful garden and have a relaxing time at any moment of the day.

  1. Lighten up your garden

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Wouldn’t you love your garden to look all bright and magical at night. Adding fairy lights will make your garden look all dreamy and intoxicating. In the evening you can lighten up the entire roof garden and have a meal, play songs, rest and just enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. Another factor is that adding lights makes your roof look larger at the dusk.

No matter what your requirements are and how big or small your roof is; we here at 123homepaints assure and guarantee you full satisfaction and excellent results. We understand that it’s your home and in order to customise it your way we’ll put our complete efforts assuring you 100% results.


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