How My Home Inspires My Living As An Interior Designer


It takes a certain eye to be able to pull a room together and make it fabulous and functional, all at the same time. I myself being an interior designer know this fact very well that the setup of your home can affect your mood and lifestyle to a very great extent. It’s your home and you are the one who has to live in it, so create a home that you love— a home that portrays who you are. It seems like a simple tip, but adding floral arrangements, live plants and natural items such as vases of shells or rocks, can really add that final touch to your interior design.

Whether you want your interiors to look like a luxury hotel or just jazz up your interiors, it is recommended that you listen to your mind. I personally believe that we all have our own personnel choices and taste. You have to create such an environment which makes you fall in love with your home all the time. Now that you have a good idea of a style that you hope to call yours, you need to choose a color scheme. This is the tough part. Color is so personal and creates moods within us that inspire. No matter what, choose the colors that call to you.


Let’s say you choose a color combination of brown, teal and tangerine. A shade of brown would probably be the wall color, teal may be the color you choose for accent chairs or an accent wall, and tangerine could be the color you pull out in pillows and accessories. This formula of three colors works in any combination. Just remember, three is better than one or two, as a room done in one color is boring. Yes, you can have an all-white room but with three shades of white.

Whether it’s a complete overhaul or a quick change, spice up the family’s favorite room with just small efforts. In order to get your home ready in the merriest way possible it is advisable that you take help from interior designers in Kolkata. Home décor in Kolkata is excellent in terms of its service and caters to the needs of many residents in Kolkata. I am hand to hand experienced with this and know that interior designers do a very good job when it comes to shaping the house according to your specific preferences.

You can start with the very basics and at the very grass root level begin with just the painting of walls, doors and setting up of wall paintings and vases. It is no secret that changing the furniture and altering the setup of the room. Architecture should be your priority. The envelope has to be done right in order to furnish the best way, which means you should make use of all shapes and built-in tricks to shore the living place into something amazing.

Moreover, you need to understand that the environment of your home decides how you feel all the time of the day. When planning your budget, think of pieces that are going to last the most, and be generous with them before you go around breaking the bank on accessories. In addition to this you can also consider rearranging your shelves and other furniture.

In conclusion, always keep in mind that it’s your home and the entire lookout will be according to your very personnel choices if you choose an interior designer for home décor. I, myself being an interior designer knows this fact very well that you will be requiring discovering yourself in order to bring that out in your home.


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