How To Choose Perfect Colour For A Dimly Lit Room?


Insufficient natural light is common in powder rooms, hallways, basements, rooms without windows and rooms that face north. These spaces present unique challenges when it comes to picking colors that won’t get lost in the shadows. The solutions are fairly simple, even if they may seem counter-intuitive. With no direct sunlight, a north-facing room can be a challenge — to decorate, to live in. Cheer up! The right paint color can make a dark room look cozy, or north feel like south. The biggest mistake is to follow the notion that you must paint the room a light color because light colors reflect more light. Yes, light colors do reflect more light, but if there is limited light in the room in the first place, then there’s not much that’s going to be reflected, and light colors can end up looking sad and gray.


Contrary to first-glance logic, light colors don’t brighten dark rooms. Instead, embrace the opportunity to carve out an ultra cozy space in your home filled with rich, saturated color. You can choose any color you wish to and pick the right shade of it to suit your dark room. Think of it this way: in dark rooms, color makes up for natural light. Even if the color looks too bright and saturated on the paint chip, paint a few large swatches and stick them around the room for a few days. In shadow, super-saturated colors mellow and will end up closer to what you intended.

Always remember, it’s your home and make it feel pleasant with the right choice of colors altogether. It is important that you pick the color that suits your personnel taste appropriately and perfectly. It is no rule that you cannot make a dim room look bright. Color is an important part of design and it can have a powerful effect on how our home makes us feel. But choosing color is something with which many people struggle – there’s so much choice, it’s easy to get bamboozled. Often, the images we use for inspiration are from places with completely different climates to our own and, while bright and vibrant shades look fantastic in sunny locations, they’re not so good in areas that have weaker light. The fact that weak light doesn’t at all affect the appearance of the room is to be accepted.


People often get mistaken with the fact that somehow the amount of light entering the room will make the room sloppy or sad in any manner. This definitely isn’t the case at all. You can go for a combination of dark and light colors as well.

Choosing the best paint color for a room is tricky enough, requiring at the very least putting paint swatches up on the walls for a few days to make certain you know what the color looks like in every light before committing. But when a space lacks natural light, when it travels from dim to dimmer to dark as the day progresses, choosing a paint color becomes even more challenging. Colors that are too muted or too cool can make sun-deprived interiors feel uninviting. Instead, play up the light from lamps and overhead fixtures with lighter, warmer shades to visually expand dark spaces and create a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. Flip through for 9 eye-catching hues that can rescue any dark corner in your home. If you are not sure about choosing the right color then you should take the help of professional home painting services in kolkata, these experts can solve your problem and make your room a dream-land.


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