Why I Redesign My Home Before Every Bengali New Year?


Poila Baishakh is the first day of the Bengali Calendar. Hence Poila Baishakh is also known as Bengali New Year. Bengali New Year is celebrated in West Bengal and among Bengali communities all over in the world. In Bengali, Poila stands for ‘first’ and Baishakh is first month of Bengali calendar. Bengalis have a whole new definition for their new year and it’s far more auspicious and culturally rich.

New Year decorations form a very creative and innovative part of the celebrations. People in all parts of the world take active interest in decorating their houses and workplaces. New Year is the time to splurge in parties, enjoy festive drinks, relish sumptuous meals, and follow customs and traditions and colorful New Year decorations. Adorn your house with different decoration items to give it an impressive look. “Esho hai baishakh esho esho” – Pohela Baishakh, the – Bengali New Year is knocking on the door. On this day everyone will be dressed with colorful clothes, and the streets will come alive as people celebrate a fresh start for the New Year.


Kolkata is the home of cultural heritage and there are a number of home décor and home painting services in Kolkata which provide you with excellent services in terms of coloring and interior designing. Your home interior should also be decorated to get in the spirit of the celebrations. You also need to keep in mind the Alpana: This is the traditional Bengali art form of adding designs to the floor. You can do this either on the floor throughout your home or at the entrance. The designs typically include leaves, flowers, local musical instruments, animals like elephants and horses, and other symbols of Bengali heritage.


Naba Barsha celebrations are marked with joy, enthusiasm and hope. Songs, dance, games besides reciting of poems are organized in various parts of the West Bengal to mark the occasion. Enthusiastic people of Bengal also celebrate the eve of Naba Varsha as Chaitra-Sankranti and bid farewell to the past year. Paint the rooms according to festive mood with lots of bright colors and stencil designs on the walls. Seek help from painting services and home décor services in Kolkata.

Beautiful bright colored lamp shades are sure to make your home bright and lighten up the festivities of the Bengali New Year. Choose bright red, orange, green or white colored lamp shades for the perfect blend or contrast to the home decor you already have. Choose the Fluorescent Green Table Lamp which will look attractive in your home. Home painting services in Kolkata provide excellent service in terms of getting the home festive ready and renovated.

Home décor services in Kolkata provide an excellent work in terms of their result. In order to get yourself festive ready do paint your home in accordance to this auspicious festival and enjoy the merry days of Bengali New Year.


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