How To Paint Distemper On Wall?


While painting the interior walls, allow it to dry for sufficient time after application of lime-wash. Then remove all dust, dirt, loose particle, flakes by using appropriate sandpaper. For old walls, if previous paint was lime wash or powder distemper then remove it completely by scraping. Distemper is an early form of white wash which is used as medium for aesthetic works of art on surfaces. It’s also called as soft size paint and is usually made from powdered chalk, or lime. It uses hide glue as its medium to attain a soft finish like velvet. It has many similarities with lime and gives warm and charming results.

Application of distemper on walls gives it a whole new look and a much better appearance. Its application has become mandatory and remains a key feature in the entire painting process. First identify the areas that are to be painted, like walls, ceiling, doors, metal grills, wooden furniture etc. Check for any repairs needed on the identified areas. For e.g. If there is any seepage or leakage in any of the walls or ceiling then that should be treated at the source. Any plastering, repairing and waterproofing should be done before painting. It is not advisable to paint in humid climate or in rainy season because in these conditions paints take longer time to dry and the film does not cure properly.


Distemper is often called lime wash and make no mistake is the most important key feature that needs to be done before painting the walls. This particular step is mandatory and needn’t be skipped. If you dare to skip this step then the entire painting process will go to waste. In addition to this you need to understand the fact that without distemper the paint will not even come up on the walls. Distemper creates a base for your paint. In the simplest manner, it is to be understood that distemper is the sole reason why paint color comes up and brightens to the most primary level.

In addition to this, you can also take a couple of coats before you actually apply distemper all over the walls. Paint applied on the walls is not made of such adhesive quality that it will stay without the application of distemper on it. Also, it is to be understood that distemper or lime wash is the most crucial factor that comes into consideration while taking notes for the entire painting procedure. Now, it is to be considered that painting remains of no use until and unless distemper is applied on the walls.

Now, many people stay with the misconception that skipping the step for distemper will save their hassle but that is just not the case. In order to have a hassle free after paint experience you must focus on the distemper factor more precisely. Apart from this, you need to understand the fact that the evening of walls completely depend on distemper. In case you don’t even the walls then the ups and downs of the walls won’t be visible but once you paint it the walls will look disruptive and uneven in all the ways.

In conclusion, the mentioned steps must be followed in order to get even and perfectly shaped walls with colors that appear righteous on them.


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