How My Neighbor Suffers For Not Using Distemper Color On Walls


Distemper is an early form of white wash which is used as medium for aesthetic works of art on surfaces. It’s also called as soft size paint and is usually made from powdered chalk, or lime. It uses hide glue as its medium to attain a soft finish like velvet. It has many similarities with lime and gives warm and charming results. Let’s establish the fact that distemper is a very mandatory step that should be inculcated in the painting procedure.


I personally know this for a reason that if you don’t apply distemper on your walls then the colour will be tampered and the look of the walls will be hampered. I’ve witnessed the consequences myself. My neighbour didn’t bother to apply distemper on their walls and the entire look of the home looks pathetic. The colour of the walls slowly started to wear off and it also started to fade away. The worst case scenario was created when the colours on her walls started to break away. The laziness of avoiding wall distemper did cost her a heck of problems. The list of failures doesn’t just stop there; the light coloured walls have almost faded away leaving uneven layers of colours on all the walls.


In addition to this, my neighbour’s slight mistake of neglecting the distemper did cost her way too much money to fix all the problems that were created in the first place. After the application of primary coat two or more coat of distemper should be applied till the surface shows an even colour. It becomes more the reason why you shouldn’t choose to skip this particular step.

Whether it is the exterior or the interior of your house it is a must that you apply wall distemper on your walls. The house painters Kolkata have always provided an excellent service in terms of painting the house with wall distemper. There are numerous house painters in Kolkata who will give you satisfying results in terms of painted walls. On top of this it is important to know that without wall distemper the paintings on your walls remain incomplete. You must put efforts towards applying distemper on your walls and getting them all perfectly forged so as that they don’t create any problems in the future.


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