Using Light Color Shades For Home Interior


A colour palette composed of several shades of the same hue has a clean, sophisticated, contemporary look. Called a monochromatic or tonal colour scheme, this kind of palette is comfortable to look at and guaranteed not to clash. To make the most of a monochromatic scheme, select three variations of the colour, ranging from pale to rich. The particular nature of the room determines the proportions of the colours you’ll use — some rooms are suited to pale colours, while others need deep shades to look their best. Select the colour family you want to use for the room. Pick up paint swatches in that colour family from a paint store or home improvement store. Select one of the palest shades and two of the medium shades to be your paint colours. Save the darkest shades on the swatches for accent colours in your upholstery and accessories.


Look at the amount of natural light in the room. If the room gets lots of light, select the palest shade in your colour palette as the primary wall colour. If the room is naturally dark, select the darker of the two medium tones as the primary wall colour. The colour green gives freshness and coolness of nature and looks refreshing to the eyes. Any shade of green with blue and grey gives pleasant look. Any shade of green has contrast in colours with orange, peach, pink or light brown shades.


The paint companies in Kolkata provide an excellent service in terms of the interior painting procedure. You can also consult an interior designer in Kolkata who will be assisting you with the entire procedure straight from the selection of colours till the final coat of application. Remember, it’s your home and it must reflect your personnel taste and choices. When painting any kind of room it is always important to consider the amount of daylight a room receives because this amount of light can drastically affect the end results. The lack of natural light can cast shadows and affect the appearance of painted walls, thus using dark tones in these rooms can mean trouble.

Go for light colours in your room to make it look serene and give it a calmer look for the people living there. The thing with colour selection is that it is completely and entirely your personnel discretion to choose the colour you wants. There is no key or thumb rule regarding the contrast selection of colours. You can go for pale and bright light shades as well as the vice versa. Light shades are specific in terms of making the room look all lit up and cheerful.


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