Decorating My Terrace Garden In A New Way


Leaving your terrace vacant and idle is boring. Instead of leaving it just like that I decided to decorate my terrace with a garden and arranged it beautifully. The rooftop of your house should also experience a part of your creativity. You can use fairy lights across the entire roof and place them in designs amidst the plantations. I started with sorting different plantations in the vases and tubs which will be kept on the top of my roof. I’d strongly suggest you to take consultation from interior decorators and home décor professionals in Kolkata.


There is no shortage of home décor services in Kolkata. They’ll help you with your personal choices in accordance with the size of your rooftop and the kind of design that you’ve planted in your mind. You can add chairs and create a small and cosy area for your family to rest upon. There are tons of other things that you can add to a rooftop garden, all you need to do is get help from interior decorators in Kolkata. Another idea that you can implement is that of a small cooking area. You can prepare a small and lovely meal for your loved ones and hang out in the vein on your beautiful garden rooftop.


Nowadays many people prefer to setup a patio on the roofs along with the garden; this trend is quite in the buzz and is loved by many people as well. Adding a swimming pool is an option as well. On a hot summer afternoon if you wish to take a dip in the pool, all you have to do is just get on the roof of your home and voila; you’ll be taking a dip in your own rooftop garden’s pool. Rooftop gardens add a personality to your home. Your roof remains of no use if there isn’t a well decorated garden on top of it.

In conclusion, I advise you to choose the kind of pattern you wish to see for your rooftop garden and decorate it accordingly. Add designs and patterns to it if you want and do take help from the home decorators and interior decorators in Kolkata for sure in order to get a professional touch to it.


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