Why I Paint My Home In Winter


Winter’s snow and cold may put a damper on a lot of remodelling activity, but not interior painting. In fact, “snow days” are a great time to paint.  Cold days are almost always clear and sun-filled, so they’re perfect for painting. When purchasing your paint, choose a “paint and primer” product made with 100% acrylic, which will both hide the existing colour and add beautiful new colour to your room. Since ‘paint and primer’ serves a dual purpose, you can usually get away with fewer coats, which will help you finish the project more quickly. That’s a great benefit on short winter days.


Actually, in winter the relative humidity is usually lower, so paint dries faster than in the heat and humidity of summer. Longer dry times lets more dust adhere. Go for it during the winter, and then you will have more time to enjoy the out of doors come summer time! Keeping rooms temperate will allow paint to dry faster and deliver the best results. Humidity is usually less in the winter, allowing paint to apply better and dry faster. People choose to have the interiors of their homes painted in the winter for a variety of reasons as it is undoubtedly the best time to paint houses. Under the proper circumstances and when you have experienced painters on the job, winter interior painting can be a perfect arrangement. Home painting services in Kolkata do an excellent job in terms of providing service in this field. They also provide many exciting home painting offers during winter, especially at the time of Christmas and New Year. There are free Kitchen/stair case/garage/boundary wall painting offer with your home painting service and that is also within an amazing price range.


Typically winters are less humid than summers. That is more than an efficient reason to choose winter for painting your home. As I stated earlier if you do your painting before the temperatures drop too much, the cooler temperatures are ideal for your paint too dry.  In fact, if the temperature is too hot, paint will dry too quickly and will not be able to adhere properly to the surface. As a result, the paint will be more prone to peeling in the future. The house painters in Kolkata are well and handy with this craft and will paint you a perfect home in winter.

For indoor projects you may be concerned that lower temperatures will mean your project won’t dry. But it’s ok; you can still work on indoor paint projects even during cold and wet weather and as long as it’s between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius and you have adequate air circulation, it will dry just fine. In all we understand that it is no toughie to paint in winter.


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