My Christmas Room Decoration


Well, Christmas is around the corner and there is a lot to celebrate and it’s about time that you get your home completely Christmas ready. Let’s begin with the installation of Christmas trees in your home. You can go for the big sized Christmas or the small ones as per your personnel preferences. Try decorating them with small soft toys, pictures and fairy lights. Fairy lights are a very important component to get your home festive ready. Place fairy lights in your bedroom, around the hall and you can use it to decorate the Christmas tree as well.


Start by hanging oversized snowflakes, and building up the table with tall candlesticks. How can one forget about wreaths when it comes to Christmas decoration. Two wreaths are definitely better than one. Stacked on a front door, your entryway will look twice as merry. Or you can also place a lot many wreaths across the living room and decorate them with fairy lights. If you decide to decorate with multiple Christmas trees don’t forget the kitchen. You can place a small Christmas tree in the kitchen as well. You can always consult an interior wall designer in Kolkata to get better tips and get the home a proper festive feeling.


As when it comes to painting the walls you can paint them in the most beautiful shades that Christmas theme follows, i.e. Red and green. This is the best color combination for getting your home to look all festive and new. You will be attracting a lot of positive reinforcements after you get the home completely redecorated in the Christmassy fashion. In addition to all this, you can as well install a small fire in the hall for the eve only. If you find yourself stuck in any nook or cranny, then you can always consult an interior designer in Kolkata. With the incoming of this festivity you should do something to make the home look presentable and beautiful.

Christmas is the most waited of all seasons as Santa is coming, and it must be seen in the environment of your home.


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