Innovative Stencil Ideas For My Home


Stenciling is a great way to decorate on a budget and express your creativity! Your home should make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside! But of course, there’s times when a neglected space could look a little….well, happier. Painting walls has nothing new about them however; adding stencils will give the walls a much beautiful look. For my home I’ve chosen numerous innovative and splendid stencil designs. Just like I’ve done with my walls you can add paint on one wall and stencil to the adjacent as well.  The fascinating world of decorative tiles is filled with different colors, patterns, and styles. The walls on the living room will look the best with the application of beautiful stencils on the wall.

Now, you must understand that there is a wide range of patterns and designs that you can choose from. Wall painting in Kolkata is no toughie as the house painting cost in Kolkata is affordable and fits the minimal budget for everyone. You can go for floral patterns, funky cartoon patterns, tile patterns, nature related designs and many more. Adding stencils on walls surely highlights the rooms in a much better way giving it the most authentic look possible.


The stencils create a dashing and eye-catching look for your home. Well, since there are so many designs to choose from I’d suggest that you go for multiple of them for different rooms in the house. Then, you can also go for adding stencil designs in all the walls of all the rooms as well. Always remember that it is your home and it must reflect your personnel style and taste. Always go for a completely extraordinary style of stencil for your walls. It is true that ideas of themed wallpapers or memorable picture frames invariably dominate our minds when doing up our homes but the one trend that has recently become a viable option in home decor is wall stenciling.

Depending on the texture of the wall whether in tiles, bricks or regular, selecting a suitable stencil design assumes the initial step toward wall stenciling. For a relaxing and calming effect in the room, we recommend you nature-inspired themes or arboreal designs to create a landscape-like feel in the house. Floral, damask (woven fabric), nursery, classical and border can be your first time wall art pick. The surface or the base is the backbone of good stenciling. The background color is a decisive precursor to a wall stencil.


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