How To Minimize My Home Painting Cost


Home painting cost in Kolkata can get expensive at times if you are approaching a good and reputed company. However you can avail a couple of tips in order to reduce the painting cost. We suggest you be on a low budget wait list. If you have flexible timing, ask painting companies to contact you when they can lower their quoted price. Example, “Can you call me within 6 months if you can make a discount?” Wait for the lowest price calls. Say you can have interior painting done at anytime during the year. In addition to this you can try a couple of other hacks such as avoid drastic color changes and/or many colors, choose trim and wall colors with the least amount of contrast, skip on painting closets, clean up after painting (Dry-fall paint and dust from patches) and also specify the quality level in all areas.


Painting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your home’s interior a facelift — and it is one that can produce dramatic results as well. If you’re low on budget then it is advisable that you don’t go for a lot of color variation on all the walls rather go for the same shade on all the walls. You can ask the paint companies in Kolkata everything according to your budget and price affordability. . And you can compare it against design elements like pillows or furniture to see whether it will work with your overall decor as well. It is also advisable that you give out your house painting contract to your painter in spring or winter seasons. It is likely he charges you less, compare to busy summer season. Don’t compel your painter to a deadline if you have enough time for him to complete the house painting project.


As stated earlier if you have a small budget for house painting, you could also reduce the number of paint colors. We’ll also suggest you to choose the shades that are likely to create a very strong impact in the entire aura of the home. However, we must take into consideration the desired number of colors, the number of coats, and the number of rooms to paint together with their dimensions. Moreover, it’s important to determine if you wish to paint the ceilings in each room.


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