Perfect Tools For Creating Wall Stencils


There are many tools that are suitable for stenciling. You can use stencil brushes, foam rollers, sponges, pieces of foam, spray paint etc. Some of these tools are of good quality, some are not, and some are better to avoid. Adding stencils on the walls gives them a whole another look and makes the wall look more beautiful and attractive in all aspects. However, what people often forget is that the usage of right tools is extremely necessary in order to maintain a proper look on the walls. Painting the walls is way too mainstream but adding stencils to the walls adds up to the look of the home.


Cutting Edge Stencils brings you the best stencils for home decor – stencils expertly designed by painting and decorating professionals. These types of brushes are actually specially designed for stenciling. Stencil brush looks like a regular round brush, but unlike other brushes, it has a flat top which makes it perfect for dabbing and swirling the paint over the stencil without getting the paint to seep underneath.  If you try stenciling with your regular watercolor artist brush, or a painter’s chip brush you’ll get a very messy result, due to the wrong shape of the brush. The flat top of the stencil brush is key, so please get the right type of brushes for your stencil project.


While stencil brushes are perfect for detailed stenciling, nothing beats a stencil roller when it comes to speed! If you’re doing a large design that doesn’t require too much shading and detail, definitely use a roller. With allover patterns such as damask stencils, a foam roller is a must.   I can’t even imagine stenciling a damask room with a small brush. Along with this you will be requiring masking tape and other masking equipments to get the stencil work done appropriately. The paint companies in Kolkata will do a marvelous and satisfying job when it comes to applying stencil designs on the walls.

In addition to this it is more than advisable that you always go for the designs that’s suit your style and taste. Other than this, you must consult home painting in Kolkata and get the work done in no time. The work that will be provided will be efficient and beyond perfection. The easiest and fastest way to apply a stenciled image to a wall is to use a dense foam roller. In conclusion, always take help from the paint companies in Kolkata and get your work done with crisp perfection.


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