What Are The Necessary Steps Of A Floor Painting?


A painted basement floor enhances the overall appearance of the room, can mask surface imperfections, and is easy to maintain. But certain steps must be taken to ensure that the painting process comes to a successful conclusion.

In order to paint the floor surface preparation remains the primary and most important step. Ensure the interior floor surface is sound, clean, dry and free from dirt, grease and any other contamination. For wood floors sand back sharp edges and any raised grain. Fill any open joins and cracks with a dedicated non flexible wood filler. Ensure the floor is thoroughly clean using an appropriate floor cleaner. Sand to a smooth finish, vacuum and wipe down with a damp cloth. Keeping the floor clean and wiped in order to apply the color smoothly and evenly will be a smart decision. Areas of old paint that have peeled or blistered need to be removed as per the instructions for bare wood floors. For the best finish and longest service life, as much of the previous paint as possible should be removed.


If your floor is concrete then don’t use regular interior paint or even deck paint, which is intended for wood, not concrete. Opt for a paint specifically intended for concrete. Concrete can be difficult to paint. It must be treated so paint will stick to it, and painting should only be done within a specified temperature range and dry conditions. Always prime the floor, don’t believe claims that priming is not necessary. Priming will give your floor a longer life and better adhesion to the substrate. Priming will seal the substrate thus eliminating the risks of bubbles and gasses. Priming helps reduce the amount of product that will be required in the later stages. Ensure that the areas are ventilated properly.


People often neglect a lot of steps when it comes to the home interior painting but it often creates a lot of minor and sometimes drastic problems later.  Floors are the most visible component of the entire home. If your floor has a well maintained shade and if it has an elegant appearance of it’s as a whole then the floor looks much better. Another advantage of painting the floor is that you don’t have to worry about the contrast or anything else of the floor color.

In conclusion if you take the above mentioned precautions then your floor will look beautiful and perfect in all its senses.


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