5 Innovative Ways To Paint Your Living Room


Painting your living room might seem tedious to you at first but selecting the colors is not such a tough work at all. Here are five innovative ways in which you can paint your living room.

Light and bright colors

Light walls are common for a reason; they give your space a fresh and clean feel. For small spaces, a light wall color is perfect because it will make the space feel bigger and more open. Additionally, this is the most versatile wall category. Light and bright walls look great in almost any style of home. When you apply light colors on your living room, the task simplifies giving your room a whole another look.


Add shapes and geometric patterns

You can always add a tinge of fun to the walls by inculcating different shapes and geometric patterns on the walls. It will add a whole new look to the wall giving it a very gracious look. Any visitor that comes to your house will be impressed by the patterns on the wall. Home painting becomes fun with the addition of so many designs on the walls.

Add stencils

There is a whole another bliss about adding stencil to the walls. Once you add stencil design to the walls then the entire layout of the living room changes. There is a wide variety of stencil designs to be found from right from floral pattern, multicolored patterns, butterflies, nature designs etc. It is advisable that you contact the home painting services and get yourself a beautiful stencil designed wall.


Try dark walls

Dark walls aren’t always drab and depressing. If you have an open space with lots of natural light, a very rich blue or purple that almost looks black can be an opulent transformation for your living room. If you don’t wish to go for the dark walls then you can paint one wall dark and the rest with bright or moderately lighter colors.

Chevron painting

In vogue lately, chevron patterns can completely transform the look and feel of your room. These straight-line patterns can make your room look spacious, depending on the kind of pattern you choose. You could convert an entire wall or opt for an oversized approach by connecting two adjacent walls with this pattern. Home painting will get a new look once you try this.


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