Boundary Wall Painting Ideas

Wall Painting

For painting exteriors of your home, you should know proper guidelines on primer, paint quality, paint color, weather conditions as these are important factors for paint work to create elegance on exterior walls of the house. If you’re looking to make an impact, a boldly colored feature wall can add a burst of life to any outdoor room. Go another step further by adding wall decoration such as mirrors, artwork or lighting. Select plants to fit the space – Upright plants, such as bamboo and bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) in narrow planters soften and reduce the impact of the height of the tall boundary walls and fences. Where space is even tighter you could also train climbers to grow up the walls to add greenery.

Wall Painting

Your home definitely reveals you. It reflects your interest and your sense of colors. A splash of innovations and colors can change your world. Your boundary wall is the first impression that will catch the eyes of an outsider when they approach your home. It is very important that the first thing to catch the eyes of anyone should look appealing. There are a lot of innovative ideas that you can opt for when you choose to paint your boundary walls. In addition to this you can add a combination of colors as well to paint the boundary walls in the most apt manner possible.

Wall Painting

When you plan your exterior paint job, look at the environment in which your color will appear. Its appearance is affected by the appearance of neighboring homes, and even the color of shrubs and trees around it. Creating a focal point often makes the most of limited space, giving the eye something to rest on besides the boundary walls. If you bring seating up close to the house, you then have an area free for planting or a water feature, which you can gaze at when relaxing.

You can also turn your boring boundary walls from a negative into a positive by growing climbing plants on them. Instead of staring at a bare masonry wall, the plant will draw your attention upwards. The climber will create height like a regular tree would without encroaching on valuable floor space. The task of building painting is a bit more extravagant than the usual interior painting. You can make an exterior painting estimate by talking to the home painters.


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