What Is The Method Of Floor Painting?


Painting a concrete floor is a great way to seal and improve the look and performance of the floor. There are a couple of precautions that one needs to keep in mind for the entire procedure of floor painting. First and foremost you must Sweep away any dirt, debris, old paint flakes or efflorescence from the floor. In addition to this you must use a scrub brush and a cleanser specifically made for concrete to wash the floor once you’ve removed the debris. The sealer will help prevent moisture from coming through the floor and ruining the paint job. Applying floor paint is an essential feature of house painting.

Allow the sealer to cure for several days between coats; follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and curing of the sealer. Use an industrial vacuum that picks up even small dust particles. The floor must be cleaned of all dusts and residues before starting to prime. Otherwise you will have various particles trapped within the coat and adhesion will be significantly weakened. The less micro-dust on the surface the less primer you will need. Existing hardwood floors can be painted, but we recommend you test them first to ensure compatibility. Use a sample slat or paint a small section in an inconspicuous area.


You mustn’t forget to apply primer. Applying primer is a very important aspect of floor painting. Many a time’s people make the mistake of skipping this step considering that floors don’t need primer. But applying primer on the floors in equally important. Slurry is another common technique for installing resinous flooring. It is economical and a great way to add strength and wear into any floor.

Use a good quality roller, as poor quality rollers may start to shed. You should be able to re-coat after 24 hours. The next day you may notice various problems that have appeared such as cracks, holes etc. Make sure that these are sealed-filled before starting the next coat. You may also need to sand some uneven surfaces that appeared after the first coat. If necessary wait an extra dry for the grout to dry before re-coating.

Once you’ve painted your floor, clear protective coatings and sealers are not recommended. Floor paints are formulated to be left uncovered. Application of a clear product on top of floor paint may create inter-coat or adhesion problems. In conclusion, follow all the mandatory steps; make sure you clean the floors before applying any amount of paint on it as well.


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