Why Light Checking Is Essential For A Proper Home Painting Service


In order to paint your home it is a very key element that you check the lighting of the particular room which is to be painted. Before painting, shine a bright light along the surface of the wall to check for dents or defects, and fill them using a putty knife and spackling compound. Once the spackling has dried, sand the surface smooth in order to get a proper even on the walls. On rough surfaces dab the patched area with paint on a sponge or rag to mimic the texture of the wall.


You also have to select a paint type, a paint finish and keep in mind how a room’s natural and artificial light may affect the colors you’ve chosen after application. Paint color and light go hand in hand, and is a complex couple. Your paint color will look different depending on the light that it’s exposed to. The paint color that you select for your room should be in relation with that of the lighting of the room. The light of north-facing rooms is less direct throughout the day, and consistently cooler. If you want to warm it up, compensate by painting the room warmer colors. Or, you might want to also just go with it, paint it a dark, cozy shade, and make it a library or den. Whites, on the other hand, tend to turn dingy and dull.


East facing rooms get most light in the morning, and it’s more yellow. If you plan on using that room later in the day or evening, choose a warmer palette to offset the lack of natural light. Before you do anything, check on what direction your room faces, so you can keep all these factors in mind when choosing paint. As sun moves across the sky each day, it changes dramatically in intensity and direction. Longer shadows in the late afternoon or evening can affect the color perception. Colors will look differently as a result.

You must have understood by now that the amount of light entering your rooms have a huge say in the presentation of the rooms even after they have been painted. In addition to this you need to understand that the density of light entering the room is completely dependent on the direction in which the room is facing and the selection of colors. Some colors have the tenacity to enhance the look of your rooms and some have a tenacity to dull the look by making the colors look damp and shallow.

We get that the lighting of the room is the key element that needs to be taken into consideration for the painting of the home as it is a very crucial factor altogether. The entire presentation of the room depends on the color reflection, this can only happen when the colors in the room are aptly representative.


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