Ideal Way to Paint your Doors and Windows


When you enter someone’s home, the doors create a static first impression on the people. You will want your doors to create a first time bold impression altogether. The windows are like the border line of your home and painting it is a necessary step. Since they don’t wear off very soon you will have a wide range of options to choose from. While there is no mandatory rule that your wall colors need to match with your window frame colors. But the key is to paint in an orderly, systematic way. Painting the doors and windows is an important step of home painting altogether.

Although there are certain minute factors that one needs to keep in mind for painting the windows. Open the window so that you can paint both the opening and the hinged edge, but avoid painting over the hinges themselves. In addition to this try painting the doors with colors that stand out from the walls that are around it in order to create a complete contrast. This kind of painting is definitely different than that of wall painting but remains to be an essential factor of home painting altogether.

Remove any window hardware before painting to make the job easier and to provide a neater finish. Remove the door hardware before you start painting. Begin by coating the panels and continue to paint the door. If you stray onto the stiles or rails, brush out the paint to avoid lines. Follow the grain of the wood as you paint the stiles and rails. Where they cross, create a line along the joint of the two pieces of wood.

The first step when painting doors and window frames is to prepare the surface to be painted. That means you should check if any repairs are needed, such as filling holes, cracks or dents. Fill the surface where necessary and sand it smoothly. On larger areas you can strip to old paintwork with a hot air gun. This isn’t the most enjoyable task, but it’s important for a good result. Remove as many screws, nails, door handles and hinges as possible, and brush away the sanding dust. Don’t forget priming the window frames and doors as primer is important when it comes to getting a long lasting painting effect.

In order to get the glaze and temperament of the colors vibrant you must take all the above mentioned precautions carefully and do the work aptly.


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