How To Protect Your Home Paint Before Monsoon?

home painting

Walls that are repainted after the monsoons are prone to damage because the moisture that accumulates in the walls during the rains will affect the way the paint dries. This is why it is important to consider a paint job before the rainy season. A paint job before the start of the monsoons acts a sort of sealant for your walls. As a rule, no exterior painting job should be done during the rainy season!

Monsoons are by far one of the most exciting seasons of the year, when you can sit in the balcony of your house and watch the rain drops kiss the surface of the earth. However, there is no denying the fact that this season causes the maximum damage to your den. One of the worst affected with the downpour, are the walls of your house. Leakage, cracks, mould, fungus, etc., can be a nightmare for any homemaker. So, in order to protect your walls before monsoon you must make sure that the painting on your walls is done with weatherproof and good quality paint.

home painting

To protect your walls, you must take certain early precautions and that too during the painting process. Make sure that primer was applied evenly on the walls before painting was done. Another thing is that the paint on the walls has the tenacity to wear off as the climate gets more and more humid. In addition to this, the damp environment is created by the fungus and contamination caused on the roofs. Apart from this, you must make sure that the ceilings of your home are well repaired before monsoon makes a strike. Monsoon season has always been the reason why the paint on the walls starts peeling off, ceilings start dripping water and the areas around the corner of your home tend to experience a moist environment.

home painting

To protect your walls in monsoon make sure that you repair the cracks and roof damages properly before the monsoon season hits with downpour. By manning the walls and the roof floors you make sure that the rain water that seeps through the terrace floors doesn’t reach the rooms by any chance. No exterior painting work should be undertaken when it is raining. Interior painting too, will be futile in cases where the exteriors are not painted in the right way, as the moisture already present within a wall will damage the new paint work. The downpours are highly unpredictable as well. With the uneven showers, make sure that the necessary and mandatory precautions are on the way.

We understand by far that monsoon is so not the time to paint your home, exterior is completely out of question but there are certain steps that have to be taken in order to get your home painting remain in the stagnant position. With water dripping from the walls, it is impossible to keep the paint in its original colors. These are certain precautions that you will certainly require to take before monsoon arrives and hits the walls.


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