Why It Is Not Good To Paint Your Home During Monsoon?


Typically, it is important to get the walls painted at least once every 3-4 years. Changes in weather, changing seasons, moisture in the air are some of the causes that can lead to peeling paint. The best time to get the home painted is before the monsoon. Monsoon will keep the climate all humid and wet making the painting of your home almost impossible. During a thorough home painting job, most home owners (or the painters) tackle the electrical fittings around the house too. Most will choose to paint over the plastic covers of the electric cables. This further helps to prevent added problems due to rise in moisture during the season. The option of getting your exterior painted gets completely eliminated in the monsoon. So, if you wish to get the exterior of your home painted then it is advisable to get it done before monsoon.


In addition to this, monsoon season makes the weather more damp and it becomes terrible difficult to even paint the interiors. Usually a coat of acrylic or water based emulsions, take about 4 hours to dry. But in case of excessive moisture on walls or humidity during rainy season, the paint doesn’t dry quickly. Adhesion of paint onto the wall is hence poor. And the trapped moisture will cause eventually cause the paint to come off the walls. Also, monsoon is the worst possible time when you can decide to add any changes to existing colors. The amount of damage will only increase and the existing layer of paint will come off too.

Paint requires a relatively dry surface to adhere.  Paint dries in a film, and if there is moisture present under that film it will push the paint off the walls. The moisture that collects within walls remains even after the monsoon season. Hence, walls repainted afterwards are still prone to damage. It is ideal to avoid the above hassles and opt to get the painting of your walls done much prior to the setting in of the monsoons. Painting in monsoon also deteriorates the quality of your home walls as continuous peeling off and repainting damages the walls to a whole another level.



In addition to this, you must get the fact that monsoon has an inevitable disadvantage of getting the homes damp ridden and ceilings getting damaged over the time. Other than this you must get that monsoon season is very crucial to protect your walls from any sort of further damage. Monsoon season has the tenacity to ruin the walls with creeks, lodges and cracks which can be manned only before the water overflowing arrives and the prevention from damage can be done only when the measures are taken beforehand and you don’t invite monsoon troubles along with the season.

In conclusion, it is established by now that monsoon is so not the season when you paint your home even if it is the interiors. Painting the interior during monsoon has its equal drawbacks and they can be manned only when you make sure the precaution measures are taken before monsoon finally hits the ground. This becomes a proper crucified notion to understand that monsoon should be avoided when it comes to painting your home.


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